About the artist behind Pens.plans.letters

About the artist behind Pens.plans.letters

Hey there! Many of you may know me from Instagram where I shared my bullet journal spreads, artwork, and doodles for nearly five years. 

My name is Janae, and I am the artist behind pens.plans.letters. 

I started pens.plans.letters as a way to find my space. It gave me a newfound freedom to express myself and explore the world of art. I am constantly amazed by the world of creativity and the incredible people apart of it. I have been through various trials as both and artist and young woman, but they have made me a better me. I have found so much joy and passion through creating art that people love. By sharing a part of my joy with the world, I have learned more about myself.

I not only have a passion for art, but also for service. Nothing makes my heart happier than spending time helping others and being apart of meaningful experiences. I hope to start my own foundation or charity in the future. For now, I am taking part in my community in small ways but I hope to give back in a big way someday. 

As of now, I am finishing my school year and working on big things for summer. Interestingly, I have held myself back from a lot of opportunities out of fear. I will say this. I have learned so much more from trying and being afraid yet doing it anyway. Take risks and leaps of faith. It makes for the greatest stories :)

Writing can be so much fun... why haven't I done this sooner? 

take that step! God will not fail you. 

chat soon,

- Janae 


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